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Are you feeling the "Front Porch Prom" idea?

We understand that if your prom was canceled this year, you're probably still feeling the disappointment in a really heavy way—and it's totally valid to grieve that loss. 

Still, many teens across the nation are getting creative with this opportunity, intent on getting decked out and dancing the night away...even if it's from their own front porch. "Front Porch Proms" have become a viral concept, and we compiled five videos from all different parts of the U.S that showcase exactly why they're awesome. 

Watch the videos below, and then tell us in the comments: Are you feeling the "Front Porch Prom" idea?

Wake County, North Carolina

Mason, Ohio

Highland, Texas

Richardson, Texas


Okemos, Michigan

by Jacqueline F. | 5/20/2020