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5 easy ways to get involved in the 2020 election using only your phone

The 2020 election is *fast* approaching. If you're looking for easy ways to get involved, keep reading! Here are five ways you can get involved without leaving your house. 

Text your friends who are 18

A helpful text may be the reminder your friend *needs*. Try sending: "Hey! Don't forget to register to vote. Have you checked the deadline for your state?" A quick text can hold great power; small actions like this can lead to great change. Don't wait – send that text!

Follow Instagram accounts 


A handy little cheat sheet to get you through the rest of election season ✨

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Social media is a great way to stay informed. There are a *ton* of accounts covering information from the election to other important issues throughout the world. Check out our fave news-worthy IG accounts: @soyouwanttotalkabout, @nytimes, @womensmarch, @blklivesmatter and @simplepolitics.

Email your state representatives

The U.S. House of Representatives website makes it *super* easy to find your local political represenatives. (All you need is your zipcode!) Not sure what to say in your email? Brainstorm topics that you're passionate about and what you think needs to be addressed. Get to the point as quickly as possible and always be polite. For more tips on how to structure your email, check out this resource:

Host a Zoom meeting

Invite your friends, family members, teachers or neighbors to a Zoom meeting to discuss the election. It's a great way to have an honest conversation about political and social issues! You can prepare beforehand by brainstorming discussion topics or questions to guide the conversation. Breakout rooms are also a helpful tool to have smaller conversations *without* talking over one another.

Use your voice on social media

Whether you use Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or TikTok, you have a platform!  Believe in your capabilities of speaking your truth and spreading awareness. Post a photo of how you're getting involved, share other users' posts or write your own thoughts. *You* might be the reason someone gets involved. Celebrities do this all the time, and you can too!

Young people are the future of our country. It's never too early to get engaged, learn from others and share your voice. Step into your power!

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by Lily Baker | 10/13/2020