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Bummed w/ the Blues?

If you're feeling bummed a lot lately and wondering if this is normal don't be afraid to ask your doc about it. Experts say doctors should regularly screen and discuss depression with tweens and teens, according to USA Today.

About 1 out of 20 teens suffer from depression, which can lead to lower grades, physical illness, drug use and other risky behaviors. The benefits of discussing depression with teens ages 12-18 far outweigh the cons. If docs simply ask a series of mental health questions when you come in for a check-up, it can help to diagnose or treat a problem before it gets worse.

So next time you're at the doc and you have some questions about your feelings or moods, be sure to ask. Talking openly will make you feel better and can help you handle your changing emotions.

Blog it out...Would you talk to your doc about depression? Who else would you turn to if you were having a problem?

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by Katie Shutt | 2/1/2016
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