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Happiness is a Good Run

Long stressful day? Go for a run! It’s not just a myth, girlies. According to USA Today a recent study from the University of Vermont determined that exercise really does improve your mood. And, you can stay upbeat for up to 12 hours afterward! Not bad for a quick jog around the neighborhood.

Researchers had a group of students ride a bike for 20 minutes and asked another group to not exercise. Then, students in both groups filled out questionnaires about their moods. After one hour, two, four, eight, 12 and 24 hours, those who exercised were much less tense, tired and sad immediately after exercising, and actually stayed like that for hours.

So blast your fave track on your iPod and not only burn calories, but stress too. If running isn’t for you, try some other physical activity. You don’t have to be the most athletic chica out there to go for an occasional bike ride or play pick-up soccer with friends. Just stay moving!

BFF drama giving you a headache? Too many chores putting a damper on your mood? Here’s your solution.

Blog it out! Do you exercise to relieve stress? What activities do you suggest?


by Miliana Budimirovic | 2/1/2016