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Survey Says: The Most Entertaining Things with Dad

Mother's Day was a few short weeks ago, so that means Father’s Day is almost here! Whether you watch movies together, or just spend some quality time jamming to music in the car, we want to know the most entertaining things about Daddy Dearest and the things you love to do. Let us know!
What’s your favorite flick to watch with your dad?

What’s one upcoming movie you wouldn’t mind seeing with him?
If you could pick one celeb to play your dad in a movie version of your life, who would you choose?

What's your fave TV show to watch with Dad? 

Which TV dad do you like the best?
Which TV dad is most like your own?
What’s the one song on your iPod your dad can’t stand?

What’s one song you and your dad love grooving to in the car?
What’s one book your dad used to read to you growing up?
Complete this sentence: “I love my dad because…”
By: Julia Fine


5/23/2010 12:00:00 AM