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10 Twilight-tastic ways to enjoy the weekend

Kiss—or should we say “bite”—boredom buh-bye as we begin our countdown to the premiere of Breaking Dawn! Even the Potterheads among us are getting psyched for the beginning of the end of the Twilight saga. Indulge your inner vampire werewolf with a truckload of Twilight fun this weekend.


Watch the trailers for Breaking Dawn: Part 1 and try to keep the squee-ing to a minimum. Fat chance, right? Check out this brand-new clip here


Wear your vampire teeth from Halloween on a random jaunt around town.


Drool over Taylor Lautner


Start re-reading the series. From the beginning. Because you’re hardcore like that.


Cue the laughs with Cartoon Network’s Team Vampire Werewolf. Teehee! 


Make “Team Jacob” and “Team Edward” T-shirts. This calls for a sleepover, no?


Bake a Sparkle Cake for your favorite sparkly vampire. Or, you know, your friends.


Get creative and pen some fan fiction inside the world of Twilight.


Admire KStew’s mini-dress collection


Hold a highly uncivilized debate with your Potterhead pals. Topic of discussion? Why Twilight kicks Harry Potter’s scrawny wizard bum. Go!


Got another idea? Add it to the list in the comments, chicas!
**Note to readers: This was written by a lifetime Potterhead, babes! Take it with a grain of salt :P

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016