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Father's Day Faves: 6 of the best TV and movie dads

Love your dad? We bet you're pretty fond of these on-screen dads, too! Take a peek at our six faves below...

1. Phil Dunphy, Modern FamilyPhil can be goofy and annoying at times, but he never stops entertaining! He shows dedication to his family through “peerenting,” and he never fails to keep the dynamic quirky and innovate with his son, Luke, who—just like his dad—is a forward-thinker and marches to the beat of his own drum.

2. Bob Belcher, Bob’s BurgersAlthough Bob might not be the most successful restaurateur around, he works hard to support to his family and maintain a positive outlook on life. If Linda is upset with the kids or Tina is having issues dealing with her heartbreak over Jimmy Pesto, Bob is always there for comfort and encouragement.

3. Mike Heck, The MiddleOn the surface, Mike seems like your stereotypical American dad, only concerned with football scores and barbecue outings. But beyond his quiet and low key disposition, he cares deeply for his wife, Frankie, and ultimately only wants the best for his kids.

4. Daniel Hillard, Mrs. Doubtfire. In the beginning, Daniel may be a little bit more loosey goosey with his parenting, but he shows his true, loving colors when he takes extreme measures to win his children back. He does this by dressing up as an elderly, female nanny! Not many dads would go to those lengths...You rock, Daniel Hillard!

5. Marlin, Finding NemoWe all know the story of a famous fish named Nemo who swims too far from his home base, right? Well his dad, Marlin, does just about everything he can to track his son down. He dodges killer sharks, voyages through jellyfish fields, and escapes seagulls, all for the love of his son. Talk about dedication!

6. Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness. He might not have a lot in terms of money and material goods, but what Chris Gardner does have is an incredible sense of responsibility and commitment to taking care of his son, no matter how the odds stack against him. He’s unwilling to abandon his kid (yes, that is Jaden Smith and his pops, Will Smith!), even when he has no place for them to go. Gardner should be celebrated every Father’s Day!

Which TV and movie dads are your faves? Tell us why in the comments!

by Maggie Medoff | 6/17/2018
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