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WATCH: This Andi Mack x DuckTales mash up is so adorbs

Since Andi Mack first premiered, the show has PM been one of our favorite things to watch. Like, ever. 

The characters are relatable, the storylines are honest and it just has *so* many good friendship feels! Not to mention, that major plot twist in the beginning. 

Our reaction to that was definitely 😱😱😱. In celebration of Disney Channel's first-ever Duck Week (and your new fave show!), you *have* to see Webby Vanderquack—the star of Disney's new DuckTales—reaction to finding out Bex is actually Andi's mom...not her sister.

LOL. She is pretty much us when we found this out, too!

At the end of Duck Week—which includes fun web vids like this one and augmented reality experiences—on Friday, May 11, you'll get a brand new ep of DuckTales featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda (aka the mastermind behind "Hamilton" and the music from Moanaas Gizmoduck. In the episode, the brilliant young scientist Fenton is recruited by Launchpad who is feeling menaced by tech genius Mark Beaks' newest invention.

You can catch new episodes of DuckTales all summer long!

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Photo credit: Disney Channel

by GL | 5/8/2018
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