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Watch Prettymuch & CNCO's epic "Me Necesita" music video

Prettymuch and CNCO have teamed up to make our wildest boyband battle dreams come true.

The groups (who happen to be two of the hottest bands on  the music scene at the moment) dropped their epic collab "Me Necesita"—and its accompanying video—Wednesday morning and the track is everything we could have hoped for and more.

"Me Necesita" (which translates to "She Needs Me" in English) mixes the best of the bands' uniquely amazing sounds for a song that's part pop, part dance hit, part hip-hop, and all awesome.

In the song's amazing video, the guys of Prettymuch and CNCO face off on the soccer field for a showdown full of incredible stunts—and on the dance floor for a truly historic dance-off. Watch the "Me Necesita" video for yourself below:

by Kayleigh R. | 10/23/2019