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Grace VanderWaal on what's next for her music and how she envisions her life in the future (hint: it's v. relatable) 

🌻 Spring fash trends so standout you'll need sunnies

👯‍♀️ Quiz: Are you a good friend? Find your *true* status in your squad

🌎 So inspiring: Meet real girls saving the planet 

💖 Social media superstars and IRL besties Anna Cathcart and Lauren Orlando on what sparked their friendship—and how they stay close despite not being able to hang out in person (the advice we ALL need rn)

💪 Do your own thing: How to turn even the biggest confidence busters into positive moments 

🔮 Who you should be crushing on, according to astrology

💋Quiz: Are you *actually* ready for your first kiss?

Plus: Skincare tips, at-home workouts, advice from Dear Carol, boy myths to break and *so* much more! 

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by GL | 3/23/2020
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