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Nickelodeon's Victorious just turned 10! Here are some of our fave throwbacks

We all remember the hit tv show Victorious that gave us so many bops and even put Ariana Grande on the map. Well, the show just had its 10 year anniversary and the throwbacks are *too cute.*


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This post from Ariana captured so many good times with the cast. Who can forget when our number 1 pop queen had red hair! How things have changed.


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This adorbs shot makes us wanna wear PJ sets with our squad too. Who knew they could make onesies look this good?


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When Victoria Justice shared this video of the cast, our hearts melted. We love seeing everyone back together again!


the last time we were all together 🧡 miss you guys, i miss Victorious, nick on sunset 😔, i miss laughing all the time, getting nervous before run throughs, our cute little dressing rooms, spending way too long in hair and make up, my crazy Trina shoes and tiny shorts w big shirts because my boobs were too big for a kids show, i even miss being freezing during crazy long night shoots, i miss the choreography because i was convinced i was a dancer (I’m not), i don’t totally miss recording songs because i can’t sing, but i miss hearing you guys sing ALL DAY. i miss the concerts we did together, especially that one in Florida and London, i actually think that’s all we did, i miss the trip to mall of America, and just all the the different places we traveled to together... aw and i miss trying to make Liz feel better about flying and taking elevators, i miss prank calling ea other from different hotel rooms... most of all, miss seeing you guys every day. cheers to our 10 year anniversary. what a show, what a cast 🥰 love you guys. thank you to every single one of you who watched and supported us then and now. best fans in the game 🤍🤍🤍

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And of course, this post from Daniella Monet with a caption that's too sweet.

What's your favorite memory of Victorious? Let us know in the comments!

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by Taylor Dove | 4/4/2020