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Six reasons why you should watch Trolls World Tour

DreamWorks' Trolls World Tour just debuted on Amazon Prime—and it certainly did not disappoint. The spirited musical/animation film follows Poppy and Branch as they discover that there are six different Troll tribes dedicated to a particular type of music: funk, country, techno, classical, pop and rock. When rocker Queen Barb threatens to conquer the land with solely her genre, Poppy and Branch must unite their people and prove that there's enough room in the world for more than one melody. We could all use a dose of Troll magic in quarantine, so feel free to cuddle up on the couch and screen the film with your fam. Check out six reasons below as to why you should watch!

The musical parodies will get you on your feet dancing.

"Trolls Wanna Have Good Times" is a version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" that we never knew we needed. "Trolls 2 Many Hits Mashup" is another standout in the film, featuring popular songs such as "Gangnam Style," "Party Rock Anthem," and "Who Let the Dogs Out."

Their powerful pinkie swears and high-fives will have you reminiscing about non-social-distancing days.

Close interactions trigger a chain reaction throughout Troll Village, stressing the importance of human connection. Spread the love in your own household, Troll style!

We're *obsessed* with Tiny Diamond.

The small, glittery, silver Troll is the life of the party. His passion for hip-hop and slick dance moves will have you grooving along—plus, he'll spread glitter *everywhere.*

Poppy is such a fashionista!

Poppy's rooted, rainbow-striped hair and multicolored dress that she wears at the end of the movie cements her status as a style star. She even accessorizes her look with bangles and platform shoes!

Poppy and Branch are the ultimate power couple.

They may be polar opposites, but Poppy and Branch nonetheless love and support each other. No rift can tear them apart!

The film celebrates individuality and embracing our differences.

Although Queen Barb wants the world to be dominated by rock music, she and the Trolls eventually realize that diversity is what makes their village thrive.

What are you looking forward to most in the movie? Comment below!

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by Carrie Berk | 4/14/2020