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Get ready to "Pop Through The Decades" with Hello Sister!

What do you get when you cross an uber-talented sister trio and a love for all eras of music? A Hello Sister reality show, obvi!

After a recent feature on Radio Disney, sisters Grace, Gabriella and Scarlett Mason—all between 12 and 14 years old—are kicking off the summer by releasing the pilot of their new reality show Pop Through The Decades. 2020 really *is* their year.

The new show features the girl gang discovering hits of the past and present, all while getting a lil' pop culture history lesson about the songs they love and the artists who paved the way before them.

The first episode? An epic rendition of Prince's classic party anthem, "1999," which the sisters could not be more excited about.

Grace explains why the iconic bop was the perf pick for their first episode: “We picked ‘1999’ because it's such a catchy and fun song, sung by an artist that we respect and admire so much."

Plus, as Scarlett adds, "Who doesn't love Prince?"

The genre-bending nature of the band is no coincidence; as it turns out, it's all in the family! Tim Mason, the girls' dad and Billboard-charting artist in Canada and Europe, co-created the show.

“Since we were really little our Dad played us all types of music, so we have always been fans of different genres,” says Gabriella.


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The sisters have big hopes for the show. It's not just about the performances, but about honoring the artists whose music the trio takes on.

"Our show was inspired by our real-life journey to become better musicians by playing many different kinds of music, while honoring awesome artists from the past and present," Gabriella said.

What are you waiting for? Jump in Hello Sister's pop culture time machine and get ready for the musical ride of the decade...or the century.

Check out the first episode below:

If you can't get enough of Hello Sister, you are def in luck. The trio is planning to re-release the music video for their 2019 bop, "Summer Time," which Scarlett describes as the band's "official song for fun, friendship and just celebrating the concept of living in the moment."

Check out the fun-filled vid for "Summer Time" here:

Are you ready to see what Hello Sister does next? 

by Elise Esquibel and Logan Potter | 6/30/2020