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Apple TV's Fishbowl is your next must-see flick

We've got only a few precious days left of October, and if you're like us, you're trying to fit in as many scary movies and thrillers as possible before November 1. Don't fear—we've got your next Pretty Little Liars-meets-thriller-movie-night flick with Apple TV's new film, Fishbowl.

Directed by brother-sister duo Stephen and Alexa Kinigopoulos, Fishbowl  follows three sisters living in the small and weird Bishop County in 1999. Together, they are trying to cope with Catholic school, boys, the absence of their mother and their father—who is preparing for the rapture he thinks is imminent.

The film stars Emily Peachy (The Fault in our Stars), Mackenzie Astin (The Magician) and Caroline Coleman.

GL was able to snag an interview with Caroline, who plays the youngest sister Jessa, who is mute after a family tragedy.

Tell us about the movie and your character in the movie.

"Fishbowl follows the lives of three sisters and their father in the small town of Bishop. I play Jessa, the youngest of the three Simon sisters, who is mute throughout the film because of mental trauma. Though she does not speak, Jessa is spirited, and a bit cheeky!"

What was it like playing this character? What do you hope people learn from her?

"I loved playing Jessa! Since she had no dialogue, I relied on communicating through my expressions and body language. If there is anything I hope people take away from Jessa, it is that you never know what a person is going through. Jessa is battling feelings of pain and grief, and you would not know it from just looking at her. No one knows the daily struggles of others, so it is important to be kind."

What do you hope people enjoy about and get from the film?

"I hope girls are inspired by the Simon sisters’ strength and their ability to overcome challenges."

Any behind the scenes standout moments?

"We shot several scenes at a private high school in Baltimore. I heard a rumor that the attic was haunted, so we went upstairs to check it out. I wasn’t up there for long. I thought I heard a door slam, and ran out screaming my head off!"

And there's a special bonus to this film! If you live in the Baltimore area, you can go to Fishbowl's premiere in a socially-distant way with their drive-in premiere at Savage Mill. There will be prizes and raffles and local food trucks for catering. Interested? You can find more info about the drive-in HERE.

Totally intrigued? You can find Fishbowl on Apple TV starting Oct. 27.


by Katherine Hammer and Erin Sargent | 10/26/2020