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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE! Jordana Bryant's "This Love" music vid is *so* adorable

If you can't stop listening to upbeat, sweet country-pop music that raises your spirits (think: OG Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini), then you're going to *love* Jordana Bryant. The singer-songwriter, 15, is the ray of sunshine you need in your life this season, and that's why we're *so* excited to exclusively premiere her new music video for "This Love." 

Check out the *adorable* music video: 

"I wrote 'This Love' to capture the excitement of the beginning of a relationship," Jordana tells Girls' Life. "We all daydream about young love—and with this song I realy wanted to capture and express that joy." 

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Photo Credit: Alaina Broyles

by Katherine Hammer | 10/27/2020