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3 blatant lies (and 2 undeniable truths) pop culture told us about New Year's Eve

Pop culture has a lot to say about all holidays, of course, but when it comes to New Year's Eve, movies and TV shows can be especially, well...full of it. Here are three lies movies and TV always seem to tell about New Year's Eve—and two things they actually get totally right.

LIE: There will be an epic party at some fancy schmancy location

THE TRUTH: In movies and on TV, New Year's Eve parties tend to be once-in-a-lifetime extravaganzas. Sadly, most of us won't fall in love at a ski chalet on Dec. 31. But that doesn't mean the memories we make at parties in the same places we celebrate the rest of milestones (aka at our friends' and fam's houses) aren't special and magical in their own way. The moral: Don't let venue envy ruin a perfectly wonderful night.

LIE: In fact, the whole night will be epic.

THE TRUTH: On-screen, NYE is full of moments where everything goes totally wrong before an equally dramatic happy ending. In real life, when things go epically bad, they sometimes stay that way, meaning your whole night is busted. By comparison, a mostly just fine, totally normal night with friends is actually pretty amazing.

TRUTH: It will be a unique night—one way or another.

Yeah, New Year's Eve might be overrated, but there's tons of potential for having an amazing night. After all, you're on the cusp of a fresh start, and anything could happen. That energy means that whatever you do on New Year's Eve is always its own adventure of sorts...even if you keep it super low-key.

LIE: You'll have a magical kiss at midnight.

THE TRUTH: Having someone to kiss at midnight makes for great on-screen drama, but obsessing about it IRL is just dumb. No doubt, some years you'll be with someone special when the clock strikes 12, but a lot of years you won't. And that's totally OK. Because those single, kiss-free years are the times when you get to spend your vital New Year's Eve reflection moments focused on yourself. Mwah!

TRUTH: You'll end up having deep thoughts about yourself and your future.

New Year's Eve is all about celebrating new beginnings. Even if you don't declare huge life changes and resolutions, it's hard not to think about the future as the clock gets closer to midnight. While it can be a little scary, don't be afraid to dream big about how you can become the person you truly want to be. Here's to Future You, girl.

Slider image: @Disney+. Edited for digital coverage by Erin Sargent.


by Kayleigh Roberts | 12/31/2020