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The *ultimate* spring 2021 playlist of TikToker music

More and More TikTok creators have been crossing over into the music industry over the past few months, and we are *so* here for it. Many of these social media influencers have had passions for music long before their careers began and are now taking advantage of their platforms to release their very own songs. We have compiled some of our favorite TikToker music for you to add to your springtime playlists, so get ready to jam out with us!


"Obsessed" by Addison Rae 

One of the newest releases on this playlist, Addison's debut single has had the entire Internet shook. This song has a *totally* awesome message of self-love and a beat that you can't help but dance along to!

"One Whole Day" by Dixie D'Amelio (feat. Wiz Khalifa) 

Even though some of these lyrics are a little sad (it *is* a song about going through a breakup, after all!) "One Whole Day" is the perfect song to groove along to while riding around town with your besties! Dixie has already grown so much as a vocalist, and we can't wait to hear her next release. 

"So What!" by jdxn

For those of you who like their music a bit on the edgier side, Jaden Hossler's music will definitely capture your attention. His rock-n'-roll style will definitely get you hyped up!

"21st Century Vampire" by Lil Huddy 

Chase Hudson, aka "Lill Huddy," released his first song back in January. His more gothic style transitioned over to his musical genre. This is the perfect song for karaoke night with your friends or when you want to have music playing in the background while doing chores. 

"if u love me" by Nessa Barrett 

Sometimes we all just need to let our emotions out with a good cry, and this is our new fave song for that. The perfect playlist will suit any mood, and Nessa's darker style brings a unique element to this list of TikToker music. 

"La Di Die" by Nessa Barrett & jdxn 

We love an influencer collab! Nessa and Jaden are longtime friends, and their musical chemistry is off the charts in this song. Their voices blend together super well, and can we just talk for a second about how good the music video is?! Yeah, we are completely obsessed with this one. 

"Wasting Time" by Nate Wyatt

Surprise! The Triller Compound's biggest hearthrob has an *amazing* singing voice and just dropped his first single a few days ago! We are already in love with it and can't wait to see the music video soon. 


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Cover Image: @nessabarrett


by Lexi Casazza | 4/5/2021