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4 LGBTQIA+ short films you should check out

Being able to see authentic short films about LGBTQIA+ youth is something you can only get *without* the film industry's input. Stories for and by LGBTQIA+ youth tell raw and emotional stories, but most importantly, *real* stories. Not sure where to find these? We got you covered! Here are four LGBTQIA+ short films that will have your heart swooning. 

Pink - Lighten Up!

Written by and co-starring Lilia Buckingham, directed by Ky Baldwin and co-starring Jillian Shea Spaeder, Pink shows two girls who grew up religious. In communities and families who don't accept their sexualities, they feel the need to hide, but that only ends up hurting them. After Elody (Buckingham) decides to break off the relationship, she then comes to realize her mistake. PInk is an *emotional* story that will make your heart flutter. 

Bloom - Gracie Flores

The story follows two girls who meet at a flower shop and instantly become close. Feelings start to arise for the two girls. After an *adorable* picnic, they share a kiss. Soon, those feelings become scary, cutting off the friendship entirely is what they seem fit. Directed and written by Gracie Flores, BLOOM perfectly explains the unknown emotions around discovering your sexuality. 

Study Buddies - Stella McCain 

Although this short film is only four minutes long, it still gives you great insight into discovering your sexuality. The story shares the struggles of the blurred lines between platonic and romantic relationships. After a long time of friendship, the girls find out they both feel the same way about each other—romantic love.

STARBURST - Ariel Bless

When the need for books and studying brings two friends together, they begin to understand their sexualities better. While immersed in literature, the girls learn more about themselves from the stories. Discovering your sexuality is a difficult struggle for any LGBTQIA+ person, but it can be extremely liberating. 

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by Kelly Schwint | 12/26/2021