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We found the *best* TV shows you can watch while texting

The great thing about living in the Golden Age of Content is that, no matter your mood, there's something in your streaming queue to satisfy your craving. Classic '90s family shows? Swoony rom-coms? Epic fantasy worlds? Name literally any genre, and the streaming gods have you covered.

But sometimes your attention is, shall we say, limited—and you need some casual viewing material: the kind of shows you can binge (and actually follow and enjoy) while group texting/scrolling social media/playing with your dog/doing whatever you need to let your mind wander and fully decompress. We got you...

Parks and Recreation (Peacock)

Not many shows can have multiple "I'm dead" moments in every episode *and* leave you feeling genuinely empowered and motivated to go out and be the change, but Parks and Rec somehow pulls it off. 

Friends (HBO Max)

Yes, we know you have probably already seen every episode of Friends. But also, could it *be* any more obvious why this fan fave makes the list?

Sam & Cat (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount+)

The show took popular supporting characters from two separate shows (iCarly and Victorious), upgraded them to main character status and allowed magic to happen. The only thing not to love about Sam & Cat is the fact that it only lasted one season. 

Project Runway (Hulu, Peacock)

Reality competition shows were basically built for binge-watching, but be warned that possible side effects of Project Runway marathons include a sudden urge to craft couture fashion out of random objects around your house in an attempt to "make it work."

The Office (Peacock)

Working at a small-town paper company is objectively one of the most boring possible life scenarios, but that only makes the comedic genius of The Office even more impressive. 

The Joy of Painting (Hulu, Amazon Prime)

Want to put your eyes on something that's guaranteed to help you chill the heck out? Hit play and let Bob Ross plant a forest of happy little trees to soothe your stressed-out soul. 

Gossip Girl (HBO Max)

No shade to the reboot, but when it comes to casual bingeing, it's hard to beat the nonstop glam of the OG Gossip Girl. You could even put it on mute, and it's basically like watching the preppy world from the steps of The Met. 

Nailed It! (Netflix)

This Netflix reality show challenges very amateur bakers to attempt to recreate Pinterest-worthy cakes on tight deadlines. The result? Hilarious monstrosities that you'll have to text screenshots of to get anyone to believe they're real.

Clarissa Explains It All (Paramount+) 

Feeling seriously retro? Queue up Clarissa Explains It All, a fourth-wall-breaking Nickelodeon show from wayyy back in the day. It's honestly worth watching for the authentic '90s fashion alone. 

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by Kayleigh Roberts | 1/14/2022