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I saw JoJo Siwa live! Here's what you need to know about going to a concert

I don't know about you, but it's been a hot minute since I've been to a concert. So when my friend offered me a ticket to see JoJo Siwa, I obviously had to say yes! Here are all the deets, plus some tips and tricks to keep in mind next time you go to see music live.

After securing tickets and a ride to the concert came the first big step—picking an outfit. My goal was to be comfy but cute and, of course, my fit had to match my JoJo bow. I decided on a pink tunic and jeans with my favorite pair of sneakers. This leads me to my first tip: Cuteness on the top, comfort on the bottom. You want your fit to match your fave artist's vibe, but you also want to be comfy enough that you can dance all night long. 

When we got to the concert venue, the first thing I noticed was that almost everyone around us was rocking a JoJo bow and a smile. While it was super fun seeing all the people and their cool outfits, it was also a little overwhelming. Big crowds can be super fun as long you know how to navigate them safely, which is why my tip for you is: Stay safe by sticking together. Always staying with the people you came with (the buddy system WORKS) and checking in one everyone in the girl gang is one way to stay safe in the crowd. If you or a friend gets overwhelmed, take a break. At our venue, there was a third-floor lobby that had a lot of space to chill out.

When we finally got to our seats, I had a chance to take it all in. Our seats were pretty far in the back, but I realized that every seat has its pros and cons. Con, we weren't right in front of JoJo. Pro, we were up high enough that we got an amazing view of the crowd—plus there was plenty of room to dance. 

Since my friends and I had gotten all dressed up for JoJo, we *had* to take some photos together. We found that in between the opening act and the main act was the perfect time to take pics (and it made it a lot easier to stay off our phones during the show). There were some songs that I loved and really wanted to capture on video, but I also really wanted to stay in the moment. What I figured out is my next tip: Pre-plan when you're going to record. I picked three of my favorite song that I knew I wanted to post onto my story. I only let myself record one verse or one chorus, and then I put my phone away. That way I had memories from the show—but I wasn't glued to my screen the whole time. 

JoJo played all her greatest hits (Hold the Drama and High Top Shoes are my fave), and she even had a Queen remix that she dedicated to the parents. There were lots of fun surprises like costume changes, a pushup contest, a slide...and JoJo even came out on a segway! The moment that surprised me most during the show was when she stopped to talk directly to the audience. JoJo gave a speech all about love and being yourself. She even brought up how supportive and accepting her family and fanbase were of her coming out in 2021. The speech was super heartfelt (and my eyes were watering up!). Tip: Concerts are all about connection. While singing and dancing are a fun time, being able to see your fave songs performed in person brings a sense of connection that is harder to get through a screen. This may not happen at every concert, but be prepared to get emotional at seeing your fave artist in the flesh. 

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Slider image: @itsjojosiwa
Photos: Camille Duplechain
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by Camille Duplechain | 3/9/2022