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Throw a New Moon Overnighter!

Yay! New Moon debuts today! Before you go to see it, host a New Moon-themed party with all your girlfriends.
Your adrenaline will be running on a night filled with vampires and werewolves!

The next morning head out with your girls and see it on the big screen!

Red, black and white

The color scheme for the party should be the same as Twilight—red, black and white. Everything from the balloons to the paper plates should be covered in colors. Get as creative as possible with the decor. You could even make your room look like Forks! Dark forest decor and spooky music in the background will do the trick. Print out different pics of your fave characters, phrases and book covers and put 'em up. 

Food or blood?

Of course you aren’t going to eat ACTUAL blood…but make red fruit punch the main bev of the night. As appetizer you can cut up apples and dip them in different sauce (mmm...melted chocolate, caramel, Nutella!). For the main meal cook up some mushroom ravioli as a nod to the dish that Bella ate on her first date with Edward. Put out bowls of red and black M&Ms and licorice for a sweet side snack.

Time for dessert! Bake any type of cake and frost it in vanilla icing…then just add blood! You can use red food coloring and put it all over the cake, so it looks like an irresistible vampire treat. Or add red fruit filling inside of the cake, so when it’s cut, the juice will come running out. Either way, it'll taste soo yummy.

Before the show

Before dashing out the door to see the much-anticipated New Moon, take some time to rewind. Put on Twilight, then sit back and relax as you take a stroll down memory lane.

After you watch it's time for a game of Twilight trivia with your friends. Break into two teams—team Jacob and team Edward. For a more heated game, you can play pin the tail on everyone's favorite wolf...Jacob! Print up a pic of Jacob and a few tails. Take a few spins and see who gets closest. Even funner? Amp the games up by giving out prizes. Trivia master? All the rest of the girls have to chip in and buy you a large popcorn at the showing. Totally nailed it with the tail? Give the winner a cute print out of Taylor himself!

Show time!

Dream away about Edward, Jacob and drama galore. Get up and go to a (cheaper!) matinee showing. Have a gabfest about it as your girls clean up from the night before.

-Eryn Greaney
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11/20/2009 7:00:00 AM