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XO: The Tokyo Single

Fan of the band Say Anything? Then you’ll love what’s in store next! Brothers Jeff and Jake Turner from the group have started their own solo project, XO.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, the twins are coming out with their digital album The Tokyo Single, today, Dec. 15. The album has eight rockin’ songs, including three “My Beautiful Girl” remixes, a song originally available off Some Day, their 2009 debut EP, as well as five brand new tracks never commercially released before!

The album has a deep techno acoustic beat, yet still has a smooth and sweet sound. It’s totally lovable, and the name is a perfect fit! While Jeff and Jake finish up their tour with Say Anything, they’ll be writing even more material for their upcoming full-length, set to release next year. So, get pumped for even more XO hits.
Head to to check out The Tokyo Single today.
Check out “My Beautiful Girl” below…
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by Molly Crawford | 2/1/2016