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How to deal with your period at school


Do you tend to get really bad cramps during that time of month or have to change your tampon every hour? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Periods suck and they suck even more when you’re at school (painful cramps + chemistry pop quiz = not good). Dealing with your flow in class can definitely be a challenge, so we came up with some tips that might help make your day a little easier.

Always be prepared. If your school lets you carry medicine with you, keep some Advil or Pamprin in your pencil case so you can take it when the cramps start kicking in.

Drink lots of water. Drinking a lot of water decreases water retention (really!) and bloating which are the things that make those cramps so much worse. Staying hydrated also helps rinse out the toxins in your body.

Keep it cute. Have a small bag or pouch for your pads and tampons that you can keep in your backpack or locker. When you have to use the bathroom during class, grab your pouch instead of trying to awkwardly hide your tampons in your sleeve or pocket. Make your own emergency period kit HERE.

Have backups. Did your period creep up on you when you were unprepared and stain your pants? Avoid an embarrassing sitch by keeping a change of underwear and pants in your locker or even just a sweatshirt so you can tie it around your waist to cover your pants.

Visit the school nurse. If you *aren't* allowed to carry medication with you, ask your school nurse. Also, don’t feel embarrassed to ask him/her for a tampon or pad if you forgot to carry some. That's what they're there for.

P.S.: Haven't gotten your period yet or just got your first one? Organic fem care brand Lola offers a first period kit complete with everything you need, including an e-book to help guide you through it all.  

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by Shilpa Raj | 12/6/2018