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Doing these 7 things will help you become a better reader

You pick up a new book to read over the weekend, but five minutes into the first chapter and you start feeling frustrated and confused. Why? Well, no one is magically born a *perf* reader, and there is a difference between being just an OK reader and being a great reader. If you want to become an outstanding reader in no time, read these fab tips. 

1. Take notes while you read. Don’t just take notes on the main points. Consider small details, as well as the meanings behind the metaphors or play on words in the text. 

2. Use sticky notes to mark sections of the book. These are useful because you may need to refer to them while you read, if you forget a character’s name or forget an important scene of the story. 

3. Highlight quotes in the story that you really liked. These quotes could include part of the text which was very intriguing to you, or caught your attention. 

4. Look up words that you don’t know the definition to, and look up how the word is used in a sentence. Many words can have multiple meanings; therefore, you should look up how a word is used in a sentence to fully comprehend the text. 

5. Read a section of the book more than once. Sometimes you may skim the text, and not gain a full understanding of it. When you go back and read things over again, you will be able to pick up on small details that you may have missed. Then, reading will be *super* simple for you. 

6. Ask yourself questions while you read. These could include questions about the scene, characters or the plot. Also, try to predict what may happen next in the book. 

7. Keep a notebook of words or phrases that you love from each of your books. You can refer to these phrases when you have to cite an author in school for an essay. You can use your vocabulary to help yourself expand your own.

Do you struggle to read? What helps you concentrate while reading and/or read faster? Share your tips below!

by Mary Kate Biser | 1/4/2019