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Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl is getting a manga adaptation

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In 2013, Rainbow Rowell blessed the world with her novel Fangirl, about identical twin Cath's struggles and triumphs as she adjusts to college life, living without her twin, and writing original work rather than her immensely popular fan fiction of the Simon Snow franchise. With two successful spin-off novels, Rowell's Fangirl universe has made an undeniable mark on YA literature.

Now, you can revisit the original novel in a whole new way: A manga series. Adapted by Sam Maggs alongside *adorbs* illustrations by Gabi Nam, the Fangirl manga promises four volumes, with the first being released on October 13.


Style sketch - Cath 🧶

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Fans of the book will be excited to learn that Rowell wrote new dialogue—and even some new Simon Snow scenes—especially for the manga. Since it's broken up into four installments, it will be a quicker (if more spaced out) read than the 445-page novel.

Rowell has also revealed that she's in the process of writing a third Simon Snow book. The first two spin-offs to FangirlCarry On and Wayward Son, are set in the universe that Cath writes all her fanfiction about. The series is loosely inspired by the Harry Potter franchise, but it def comes into its own with the same heart and humor introduced in Fangirl.


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If you think you can't wait for her next book (or the manga!) to be released, there is another artsy book that might be of interest to you. Last Fall, Rowell dropped her first graphic novel, Pumpkinheads, illustrated by Eisner-award winner Faith Erin Hicks. It gives the dose of autumn we *all* need right now, along with a sweet rom-com storyline. Check out this or any of Rowell's works for a guaranteed good read.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/7/2020