You Wrote It

Feeling like an outsider lately? This poem will cheer you up

I feel your stares on my back
And honestly I feel attacked
I'm never good enough 

Not pretty enough
Not skinny enough
Not smart enough
Not talented enough
Not brave enough
Not happy enough
I don't try hard enough 

I know two languages
I'm bicultural
My background is colorful
But I'm not good enough 

Not white enough
Not Mexican enough
Not fluent enough
Not proud enough
Not shy enough
Not confident enough 

Ni soy de aquí
Ni soy de allá
I'm not accepted anywhere
You're in America now speak English
Habla español o se te olvidará
Caught between two worlds 

And every single look cast my way
Feels like knives on my skin
Because we've been trained to control people
We consider it child's play
But you don't know anything
You don't know where I've been  

I'm not good enough
Not pretty enough
Not skinny enough
Not smart enough 


This is who I am
I was born clumsy
And confused
And indecisive
I may be dust
But I am also starlight

I am a beautiful paradox
I may not fit your standards
But I fit mine 

And maybe
That's enough


by GL Reader | 10/3/2019