Ex-BGF blues

What do I do if my BGF and I went out and he dumped me for no reason? Is our friendship over?

His Answer: "Your BGF might be wondering the same thing," explains Jebediah, "don’t assume anything – I’d say just probe the situation to see how he feels now. Don’t be afraid to talk to him, and if things don’t go well, just give it some time.”
Alex, 15, agrees: “I think you have to stay friends, because it’s just a school relationship and it’s really not that important that it should ruin a great friendship.”
Decoded: After translating “BGF” for them, both boys came to the same conclusion – friendship first. No matter how awkward it is to talk about, saving what you two had is most important, and the longer you wait, the harder it’ll be to bring it up. Make a move now, and you could be best buds once more, but leave it to fate and the silent treatment will just continue – ouch.

Your Move: There’s no denying that your first convo with the ex-BF/BFF will be uncomfortable, maybe even cold. But if you stay away from the blame game and show how much you miss your pal, the awkwardness will fade. There’s no guarantee that you two will be as close as you used to be – dating changes people – but with a little effort on your part, you can save your friendship. Keep the questions about your break up quiet until you’ve solidified a friendly back and forth. Stay strong, sweetie!

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by Sarah Goldberg | 2/1/2016