How to actually get over a crush

Uh oh, you started crushing on the wrong person. Maybe they're not into your gender, maybe they don't want to date right now...or maybe they just aren't into you. For whatever reason, your crush is unavailable—and now you're left with unrequited feelings. Getting over a crush is really hard, but often it’s necessary. Here are four ways to get *actually* get over a crush. 

Accept your feelings

Since you never actually had a relationship with the person, it can feel like it's embarrassing to feel upset about it. However, pushing down these emotions will only make it worse. Embrace your feelings and don't let them bottle up inside you. Try affirmations ("I am allowed to feel this way"), journaling your ideas, or taking a self-care day. Sometimes you might even need a good cry sesh or a scream into the pillow (we've all been there).

Take your time

Whether you've been crushing on someone for a while or two days, getting over someone doesn't happen overnight. You can't turn your feelings on and off. Letting your feelings fade away takes time and patience. Instead of checking in every day to see if the feelings are "gone," try looking at it from another standpoint: "How much have I grown?" To make time go quicker, try jumping into a new hobby or that sport you've always been looking at.

Talk about it

You *need* a girl sesh. Talking through your emotions with friends can help you see it from another perspective and get great advice. If you don't feel comfortable talking about it with other people, try writing it down in a journal!  

Distract yourself

Turn on Gilmore Girls, Queer Eye, Taylor's new album, or whatever makes you happy and let yourself relax. You've been through a lot, and sometimes the best thing you can do is take a break. Take a self-care day complete with all the things that make you *you*, like getting cozy in bed, doing yoga with your mom or even taking a quick walk all by yourself.

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by Charlotte Ury | 3/3/2024