How to nix the single sads this season



It’s that time of year again. The air is filled with holiday cheer, Christmas movies are playing on every channel…and it seems like everyone is pairing up and smooching under the mistletoe but you.

Ahead, our four fave ways to nix the single sads and get back to feeling oh-so-festive—and fast!

1. Focus on the fam. 
This might seem obvious, but spending time with your family is what the holidays are really all about. Snuggle in with Mom for cocoa and a  cheesy holiday rom-com or get together with your sibs to plan the perfect gift for your Dad. You won't be able to fight the warm fuzzies—and besides, did you *really* want to have to introduce your S.O. to crazy Uncle Larry?

2. Have some merry "me time." 
The holidays mean you finally have some time away from super demanding coursework and extra-currics. Instead of wishing you could be walking in a winter wonderland with some mystery man, jam out to Mariah in your snowman-print onesie and stuff your face with Christmas cookies. #NoShame

3. Give love. 
Just because you don't have a sweetie lined up to smooch on NYE doesn't mean you can't put your love out there this season. We're talking volunteering at your local soup kitchen or animal shelter, caroling at the nursing home or even just writing a heartfelt note to your besties telling them how much they mean to you.

4. Celebrate the perks, tbh. 
No fretting over gifts (what would you even GET him?), no awkward family dinners, more time to hang out with your friends (and binge-watch Friends) and, best of all, no pressure. Now *that* is a happy holiday. 

How do you deal with the single sads over the holiday? What's your fave part about being single during the season?


by Christina Mattera | 2/1/2016