What to do when you end up under the mistletoe

When we think of Christmas romance, kissing under the mistletoe instantly comes to mind. This tradition goes back to the eighteenth century, symbolizing the essence of love during the holidays. But the thing about mistletoe is that it *all* depends on who you end up under it with.

Whether you're ready to rush under it with your special someone or you found yourself in a doorway of doom with someone you can't stand, we’ve got the right advice you need to avoid any mistletoe meltdowns this season. 

Your crush. Your crush *finally* asks you out to a holiday party and ever since you yelped "Yes!" in response, you've been just waiting for your chance to step under the mistletoe with them. Even though you're eager, slow your roll. Remember that things need to happen naturally and body language is *everything*. If you've been giving vibes that you're interested (like touching their arm or leaning in) and they've been returning them, sidle over to mistletoe and give them a sweet smile before puckering up.

Your S/O. You’re at a Secret Santa party hanging out with all of your friends, but TBH, your mind is only on one thing: taking a smooch snap under the mistletoe with your sweetie for Insta. Step under it and take this chance to reminisce about all of the memories you've made this year together, and talk about all the amazing things you'll do in 2018. In fact, landing under the mistletoe at the party is the perfect way to *kiss* 2017 goodbye. Be your cute, fab self and show your S/O how much you care about them.

Your BGF. You’re hosting your annual holiday party when your BGF rings the doorbell. The party is super fun, and you’re so grateful to have him in your life. So, lead him under the pretty plant and plant a quick peck on his cheek and let him know just how glad you are to have him as a friend.

That person you know likes you. You run into the guy who *never* keeps his eyes off of you during math class at your neighbor's Christmas party, and he is walking right up to you. He's nice and it's obvious that he likes you, but you just don't feel the same. You're some of the only two kids your age at the party, so you talk the entire time and when he walks you out, you find yourself under mistletoe. If you have absolutely no feelings, speak up and say you’re not interested. Remember: Kissing someone under the mistletoe you don’t have feelings for is bad luck!

Do you think you’ll find yourself under the mistletoe this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 12/21/2016
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