How to reconnect with your summer camp crush

Summer camp crushes are the best kind of crushes. You get to spend weeks upon weeks swimming and getting to know them, without all the pressure of school. But then? Ugh, you have to go home and maybe wait a year (!) to see them. Here's how to reconnect with your camp crush...

Reach out before camp starts
Before you ship off, text your crush to ask how their summer is going. If you’re nervous, send a Snapchat of you packing your bags for camp. It’ll get them thinking about you and looking forward to seeing you. 

Say hey on day one
Before everyone gets into their new routine, make a point to say hi. Camp is short, so there's no sense in waiting to see if you two bump into each other at lunch.

Spend time together in group settings
Grab your camp BFF and sit down with your crush (and their friends) at breakfast. Mealtime is a perfect casual setting to reconnect and get comfortable with each other again.

Buddy up
Need a partner for a two-person kayak? Ask your crush. It’ll give you two some alone(ish) time and be an experience you can bond over and look back on fondly at the end of the summer.

Connect with on a deeper level
You two could talk about who is gonna win during color wars...or you could ask about deeper things, like their family or how the year went. You don't have to have soul-searching conversations every time you talk, but opening up a bit can help you connect.

Be direct 
At the beginning of camp, be direct and tell your crush you want to rekindle what you had last summer. They'll appreciate your candor and you'll have plenty of time to have fun together. And if they don't reciprocate? Well, there are plenty of other people to connect with and we bet you two will be back to being friends in no time.

Oh and if you two weren't a thing last year? Well, you can take it a little slower, and see what happens. Either way, you'll be making memories that last a lifetime.

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by Deanna Schwartz | 7/25/2018
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