The 4 relationship goals you *have* to set this new year

It's almost the new year, and if you have your sights set on exploring the dating scene in 2021, we've got you. Whether you're single, crushing or coupled-up come January 1, there's a goal on this list for you—and advice on how to achieve it.

Goal #1: Date outside of your *type*

Try it for yourself: Widen your perspective. Sure, you might like people who play guitar, but don't ignore the cutie at the drum set. Think about what you actually look for in a relationship. Is it their eye color? Or their honestly and kindness? Those are the traits that should define your type, not what they look like or what instrument they play. 

Goal #2: Don't be afraid to make the first move

Try it for yourself: It might seem like the end of the world if your crush rejects you, but it won't be (we promise!). Even if they say no, there are still other people out there who will see how completely awesome you are. A simple "Hey, do you know what's the homework for tonight?" is perfect for the crush in your Zoom class, and if your school is in-person, strike up a convo with the cutie who always studies at the same table as you in the library. 

Goal #3: Go on fun dates (yes, Zoom counts!)

Try it for yourself: Stop scheduling your 1000th movie and ice cream date, and brainstorm some new fun ones! Think pumpkin picking in the fall, baking cookies in the winter, hiking in the spring, and building sandcastles in the summer. Anything can be made into an exciting activity, so don't settle for the same old ideas. 

Goal #4: Remember that You Time is just as important as time spent with your SO

Try it for yourself: While the idea of a New Year's relationship might seem like the best idea ever, it's important to realize that it's equally important to spend time with your fam, your besties and—most importantly—yourself. Schedule time to journal, meditate, or just watch Netflix—solo. You'll learn even more about yourself and how absolutely great you are. 

Accomplish these goals and you'll have the best relationship *ever*. Good luck!


by Serena Sherwood | 1/1/2021