10 ways to break up with your bae

No one really knows the best way to start a break up, and sometimes it makes it harder when you just aren't into them (or being in a relationship) anymore .

Relationships aren't always perfect, and if it's taking a toll on your mental health it's probably time to end it. Breaking up with someone will always be difficult, but DW—GL is here to guide you through it. 

Here's our top ten ways to break up with bae without (entirely) breaking their heart:


If it's safe *and* possible, the best way to break up with someone is to do it in-person. It might be difficult—on so many levels—but the face-to-face convo is what you need to be honest and say your goodbyes. 

Go for a walk

Walks are a great way to have those difficult conversations without it being too awkward. Meet up in a nearby park, go for a stroll and lay the feelings out there. 

Write a letter...

If you're the type of gal that can't exactly say what they feel, writing a letter is a great way to convey those feelings. Write it all onto paper and deliver it in-person, or mail it if you're long distance. It might seem old-fashioned, but it's honest.

...Or write a poem

Get creative—you can take inspiration from other poems, or send it to them as a final farewell. However, you might want to have a real discussion about why you're breaking up so there aren't any mixed feelings. 

Zoom or FaceTime

Alright, we're still living through a pandemic so seeing bae in-person might not be an option. Zoom and FaceTime are the handy sidekicks for face-to-face interaction in a safe way. It's also great if you just don't want to see them *ever* again. 

Go for a drive and listen to music

Driving around some backroads with your fave artists singing in the background creates a calm environment for a breakup. Not to mention, you also have control of the car which will make you feel in control of how the conversation goes. Just roll the windows down, play your fave tunes and drive around until you both feel like you have said what needed to be said.

Go to a coffee shop

It might seem clicheé but it works. This may sound like a date, but coffee shops are the perfect place to have a conversation. The service is quick and you'll be able to talk more easily in a quieter environment. Having a hot coffee will help this feel like a more natural experience.

Be honest and be a good listener

Have an idea of what you are going to say to them beforehand. Be honest and straightforward about how you feel, and when it is their turn to speak be sure to listen attentively. If this conversation is going to be smooth, then you both should try not to interrupt and maintain respect towards each other. 

Use "I" statements

Using "I" statements helps the other person see your perspective and understand why you feel the way you do. For example, you could say "I feel unappreciated because I put more effort into this relationship." This holds the other person accountable while also promoting a mature conversation about your emotions.

Plan your social media breakup

This part comes after the actual breakup. Decide whether or not you still want to see their pictures on social media. Blocking them is an easy solution if you don't want to be remided of your past with them. On the other hand, you could continue following them if you have more happy memories attatched to their photos.

Do whatever is best for your mental health, and remember that it is OK to block anyone on social media if their content makes you feel stressed or anxious.

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by Lily Baker and Allie Lijewski | 2/4/2021