Eek! This girl's pizza date did *not* turn out as planned

My crush and I were hanging out one afternoon after school and I asked him if he wanted to get something to eat. He said yes and immediately asked if we could go to his fave pizza place, and if our other mutual friends could come too. Even though I really just wanted to go on our own, I agreed. It turned out most of our friends were at a play rehearsal, but we couldn't find one of them. We walked around the school building for 45 minutes looking for him until we realized he'd already left school for the day. I asked my crush if he still wanted to go out for pizza, but he said no. Funny how he wanted to hang out when our other friends were going to be there...but changed his mind when it was going to be just us.

Photo by gbarkz for Unsplash


by GL | 1/27/2021