5 ways to have a seriously cinematic summer romance

If you've ever seen Nicholas Sparks' classic screenplay The Notebook (ya know, the one where they kiss dramatically in the rain), you would probably agree when we say Noah and Allie are total #goals. The Notebook, along with countless other lovey-dovey films, have given us romantics the perfect portrayl of a dreamy summer romance. Now that the season of carefree fun is upon us, keep reading for 5 ways to create your own film-worthy love this summer.

Stay out late

If you're an early bird, this one may not be for you. But in most romance movies, the main characters soak up every minute of the summer day by staying up super late. They might go to a carnival, dance in the streets or relish in a midnight swim.

Remember: Yes, staying out late can make for lasting memories with bae, as long as you follow Mom and Dad's curfew. A summer of grounding is no fun, so keep making smart decisions.

Swim all-day, everyday

Even if the main couple doesn't live in a beach town, they still find a way to swim all summer long. Find a swimming pool, pond or lake and make it *yours* for the rest of the reason. One of our fave moments from The Notebook is when Noah helps Allie rope swing into the river. Can we say swoon-worthy?

Frolick in dainty dresses

Obviously it's A-OK if you're more of a shorts 'n tank kinda girl, but a pretty sundress will definitely give off the essence of a dreamy summer love. In most movies, the main character seems to have a new dress every day of the week. Although we may never reach that level, a couple staples in your closet is a good idea to nail the aesthetic.

Go to a carnival

Although this may not be possible with COVID-19, almost every summer romance movie seems to include a scene from a fair or festival. Look in your area for COVID-safe events happening, or just save the anticipation for next summer.

Don't have a care in the world

If we get to the root of every cinematic summer romance, it looks effortlessly perfect because of one reason: the main characters are totally care-free. They seem to not hold a worry in the world. We know it's easier said than done, but try living on the edge this summer—you're guaranted to fully feel the #maincharacter energy. (Just don't forget about that summer reading.)

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by Elise Jones | 6/9/2021