A Showstopping Surprise!

On Valentine's Day I was in charge of the school dance. My parents had went on a date (gross) and I was going to be home alone until I went to the dance. I was sitting on the window seat in my room reading a book. I was wearing a blue sundress, sandals and my hair was in curls.
I heard a tap on the window and I looked up and it was my crush. He was holding a bouquet of pink roses. I ran through the door in my room that leads to the deck he was standing on.
When I got to him I stopped and cocked my head. I asked him, "Why are you here?" He said, "To do this." He put the flowers down, put his hands around my waist and kissed me. I kissed him back. We were kissing for a few minutes when I heard some people clearing their throats behind me. I turned around and saw all my friends and his friends smiling at me. Turns out, they were all planning this for a month, and I didn't know about it! He had his arm around me the whole day! He is the sweetest boy I have ever met!
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2/24/2009 7:00:00 AM