Real girls share their favorite first dates


First dates can be many things: awkward, cute, cringe-worthy, funny. If you’re going on your first date with a special someone, don’t fret. We’ve got your back, chica. Here are some stories of first dates from girls just like you.

“For my first date with my now-boyfriend, we planned to go get gelato. We ended up walking around and holding hands, telling stories and looking at pretty views. It was nice to know that we had something planned but that we could be creative about getting there and just enjoy each other's company rather than stick to a schedule. When we did actually make it to the gelato place, we'd already talked so much that it was clear we were meant to be—both super adventurous and willing to be spontaneous.”

“There was this boy in my calculus class that I had a huge crush on. One day we were hanging out in a group, and, to my dismay, one of my friends blurted out that I had a crush on him. Later, he asked me if I wanted to go on a date to get some food. I was super nervous about where or what we were going to eat. Certain places are a lot of pressure! When we did go out, he told me he had asked my friends for my favorite restaurants and, with that knowledge, took me to Chipotle. Hands down best date I've ever been on!”

“I remember it was really cold out and drizzling the entire time during our first date, but my crush and I sat in the tennis courts of the high school eating graham crackers and talking. It was minimalistic, but that took away from the first date nerves. And even though the weather conditions were less than ideal, as cheesy as it sounds, I didn't care.”

“One of my friends asked me out, but I was unsure of my feelings for him. So we decided to go to a Halloween party with all of our friends as more of a casual hangout than anything formal. Being in a group setting was perfect because we were able to talk and spend one-on-one time together, but also interact with our friends. Afterwards, I figured out that I really did like him as a crush! The next week, we went on our first official date and took the train to the movie theater to see The Maze Runner. We chatted on the train ride there and back, enjoyed the movie together and, most importantly, had fun.”

“We had been friends for years and had just recently started to like each other. He asked me out for Valentine’s Day, but wanted the date to be a surprise and wouldn't tell me what we were going to do. When he picked me up, he gave me a blindfold so I couldn't see where we were going. When we arrived at our destination and I took the blindfold off, we were at a park in a canyon near where we lived. He laid out a blanket for us and set up a picnic. It was so sweet—he had even talked to my sister to find out what kind of food to get for me. We spent hours out there talking...and we shared our first kiss. A big part of what made the date so memorable was the feeling that he had put a lot of effort into doing something special for me.”

“My favorite first date happened on a cruise ship. It was during a school trip to the Bahamas my freshman year of high school. A boy I’d been talking to asked me to go on a walk with him on the top deck, and we ended up sitting on a bench. We held hands and looked out at the sea for a while, then he turned his head and leaned in to kiss me. That was my first kiss, and I remember the wind whipping my hair around wildly and 'Wannabe' by the Spice Girls was blasting on the loud speakers. When we got back home, he asked me out!”

“My favorite first date was kind of an accident. I was frustrated after studying for a long time, so my friend asked me if I wanted to go on a walk. While we were walking, a bus passed us that was headed into town and we were jokingly like, 'We should go on it,' and ended up actually jumping on. We got a coffee flight at a Starbucks in the main square and spent the time trying different brews, looking over the town and enjoying time together. It was spontaneous, simple and I got to drink coffee!”

Do you have a favorite first date story to share? What's your perfect first date?


by Morgan Ome | 6/5/2018
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