How to break the ice with your BF's besties


Capturing a cutie’s heart is not an easy thing to do, so congrats! You’ve clearly got the guts needed to make the magic of romance happen. But here’s the thing—landing the love of your dreams comes with a ton of other tasks that might seem even harder to handle, let alone master. One of which is taking the time to get to know your guy's crew. Worried because you have no idea how to start? Following these tips will bring you several steps closer to being close with your boo *and* his besties. 

Figure out who they are. 

It’ll be impossible to get to know your sweetie’s friends if you don’t even know who they are in the first place. To avoid a total case of confusion, all you need to do is pay attention. Which names come up constantly in your conversations? Who does he hang out with at school or when the two of you aren’t finding things to do after the final bell rings? The answers to these questions will give you a good understanding of which people really stand out to your sweetie. 

Ask your boo about them. 

You’ve got the names, so make the most of these deets by asking about them. Try to get the scoop on how long they’ve been friends with each person, what it is that keeps the friendships going strong and which personal qualities really stand out. Having a handle on this info is super helpful and makes his formerly foreign besties more familiar. As an added bonus, you’ll score relationship brownie points for showing interest in your sweetie’s oh-so-sweet self! 

Invite them on your next date. 

It’s time to put some faces to those names. As much as you heart one-on-one time with your sweetie, sacrificing a date for the sake of new friendship should prove to be a worthwhile move. Organize a fun get-together that provides plenty of opportunities for chatting. (We suggest going for a group activity.) Remember all the nuggets of knowledge you got from your boo? Talk about a solid stock of things to say! Use them as conversation starters so that you can continue to learn.

Become social media buddies. 

There will probably be a lot to take away from your talks, but you’ll strike some serious gold if you follow up by following your sweetie’s buds on social media. Our profiles are, for the most part, pretty accurate pictures of who we are. Keeping up with their photos and posts both invites you even farther into their worlds and proves that you’d genuinely like to be *in* those worlds.

Have you gotten to know your BF's besties? Tell us how you did it in the comments!


by Megan Sawey | 10/5/2016
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