How to get over your crush you've been crushing on *forever*

You’re totally crushed over a crush. You've had this crush *forever* but it didn’t work out and now you have to move on. It can seem like it’s literally impossible to finally feel better. Even if you didn’t date, it's still tough. It's a process, but these tips will help you get over that cutie.

Be Sad
Its okay to be sad! Take your time to cry, watch movies and eat ice cream. You’ll feel better once you have had a day to let your emotions out. Just don’t let this consume you; you can’t dwell on something that can’t be changed.

Out of sight… out of mind
Toss any pictures and notes away, delete their number and unfollow or hide them on social media. You might think this is a little extreme, but you need to get rid of any reminders of them.

Avoid them
Try to avoid places that you’ll see them like at the mall or park—at least for a week or two. You need to get distance from your crush. If you happen to sit next to them in class, ask your teacher for a new seat.

Lean on your besties!
Your best friends are the *best* way to get over a crush. They’ll always be there to pick you up when you’re down. Ask your friends not to mention your crush’s name for a while so you are able to get over it.

Try something new
The key is to distract your mind from thinking of your crush. Picking up a new hobby is a great way to stay busy. Meet new people that won’t know your crush—it’ll be fun to get into a new social circle. Who doesn’t like new friends? Maybe try that new hair style or color, be adventurous.

Reality check
You’re going to have so many crushes in the future so don’t let this one get you down. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You will meet someone new and have tons of relationships. So don’t stay hung up on some bae that you won’t remember in the future.

Think positive
Somedays you’re going to catch yourself thinking about your crush and what it could have been. Don’t. Focus on that great summer vacay you’re going on or even school, because it’s important too.  

Find yourself
There is no better time to find out who you are with the free time you’ll have now. So go to the gym, go on a little shopping spree, or read a good book. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it makes you happy... do it. Be selfish with yourself and time.

You got this girl, you’ll get through it!

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by Ashlin Bird | 2/17/2018
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