Every stage of your love life...told through GIFs

Most girls have experienced the hills and valleys while dating. On the sunny side, no girl faces these struggles alone. Everyone faces hardships whether they're single, taken or dating themselves. Regardless of your current relationship status you will *love* these GIFs.

The second the crush hits.
More like girl meets disappointment.

Flirting to score that first date.
The only time we don't want to relate to Rory. 

When your crush looks at another girl.
How dare your hypothetical significant other almost cheat on you.

Pretending you haven't stalked their social media.
You commented what on your brother's Instagram post in 2014? 

When they finally ask you out.
A girl is allowed to gloat as long as she pleases.

Doing the "I'm in love" dance wherever you go.
Why shouldn't you celebrate your super-awesome significant other all the time?

Learning to love yourself.
With or without a hottie to call your own. 

How many of these GIFs do you relate to? Share your favorite relationship story in the comments! 


by Julia Bonney | 4/13/2018
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