Should you let your friend set you up?

Is summer secretly the season of set ups? Between camp friends (and their cute friends...) and your BFF's cousins visiting, vacation feels like the time for blind dates. Or does it? What should you do if a friend says they have the perf date for you? We're breaking down everything you need to know about getting set up.

Ask for info
Sometimes set ups actually work (ahem, see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle), but other times, friends think, "hey, it'd be great to double date with my BFF...if only she had a plus one." In that case? It's not always about the person being a great match for you. Make sure you ask your friend why they think this person is right for you. "He's cute" isn't enough. Why does she think you'll hit it off? 

Be safe
It goes without saying that you should only go on a blind date if an IRL friend vouches for the person, and you two talk ahead of time and you meet in a public place (preferably with said friend in tow). We suggest a fun activity (instead of dinner or a movie). That way, you two will have something to do other than just look at each other (in case it gets awk or there's a lull). And if all that happens and you don't feel comfortable? Call or text your ride ASAP, and part ways. 

Keep it casual
Dates can be nerve-racking enough, before you even toss in the "haven't met the person" factor. Make it less stressful by going on a group date. Even better? See if your friend can just invite you both to the same event or outing. That way, if you hit it off, great. If you don't, well, there's no pressure to keep making polite conversation until dessert. 

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by Margot Kohler | 7/19/2018
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