5 first date ideas you should definitely avoid

First dates are a special combo of potentially awkward, potentially awesome and totally fun. The key to making the date a blast? Avoid these *seemingly great* date ideas, which actually don't work the first time you're really going out with someone. Here are our first-date traps you should avoid...

A fancy dinner
Going out on a first date to a fancy dinner can put a lot of pressure on both you and your date. Not much goes on in restaurants other than eating and talking, which creates the need for constant conversations. This then makes the convo feel forced, rather than casual and natural. It can create an environment like you're at an interview. A more laidback lunch in a fun, lively restaurant is a better bet.

The movies
A first date to the movies is super common, but not the best idea. If you go to the movies, you just sit next to your date and never get the chance to chat. Who is this person? By the end of the flick, you're no closer to knowing.

A family event
Going to a family event for your first date (whether it is your family or your date's family) is another potentially weird situation. It adds way to much pressure to the date and is too much, too soon. You barely know your date, so why would you attempt to learn about them AND their family. It can throw you off and put you in an uncomfortable position.

Their house
A first date is supposed to be something different from just a usual day to hang out. It needs more activity and effort to make it special. Avoid the trap of the hang out first date, and actually plan something fun together.

The mall
A date at the mall is just a shopping trip. You two probably don't know each other well enough to really shop, so then you're just walking around, browsing the window displays. Save your mall excursions for an afternoon with your mom or your BFF.

Share some of you worst first date spots in the comments below. And make sure to check out the 5 things you SHOULD do on a date here.


by Keri Luise | 7/21/2018
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