A Guilty GF

HELP! O.K. so this kid really liked me and I kinda knew and he asked me out yesterday. Long story short, I said yes because everyone was saying I had to and I kinda wanted to (hes my first BF). He just asked me out on a date date and I didn't want to go so I feel bad.
I also don't really like him as more than a friend like, that's not even an excuse. I really do just want to be friends. But apparently his mom has cancer and just had surgery and he's practically in love with me. I want to break up (ALREADY, I KNOW) but I feel so AWFUL. What should I do? HELP!
-lilmissunshine '
Hey girl,
Ugh, it's always the worst when a friend of yours starts to like you. You definitely don't want more than a friendship, but you also want to keep your friendship in tact. So I definitely relate to what you’re going through.
The thing is...You should never be guilt-ed into a relationship. If this is something that you don't want, you have to let it be known. I understand that your friend is going through an extremely hard time right now, and you want to be there for him, but that doesn't mean you have to date him. If anything will make the situation worse, it's by you leading him on to think that you actually like him back. So sit him down and chat it out. Let him know you like him just as a friend and that all because you're not his GF, it won't stop you from being there for him when he needs a shoulder to lean on.
He'll most likely be hurt at first. After all, no one likes rejection no matter how nicely us girlies put it. But if you want to keep him as a good friend, prove to him that your words were not just that (words). Make sure you stay interested in his life, problems, etc. Show him that you care by asking how his mother's surgery went and letting him know your hoping for the best. Do what a good friend would do and help him stay positive.
Once the awkwardness subsides, he'll realize that he'll want you in his life, even if that means you two are just going to be friends.


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2/16/2009 7:00:00 AM
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