Stay With Your BF This Summer

Ah,'s the most wonderful time of the year, right!? School may be out (no more homework, awesome!) but that means you won't be seeing your BF every day (bummer!) By July, you must be missing your fave fella. Keeping in touch over the phone is tough...and it's even harder to keep up your relationship after you were so used to the school routine.

How to make sure you and your guy stick together this summer? Here's our advice!

PART I: Stay Connected

Talk to your dude daily 

Keeping healthy communication with the BF is the most important thing. He wants to know that even though school is out, you're still thinking of him! Give him a call, send him a message on Facebook, or shoot him an email at least once a day.

Catch him up on what you've been up to that day, even if it seems boring. He'll just be happy to hear from you! But remember to play it cool - there's a major diff between texting your dude before you go to bed and sending him a text, Facebook message AND calling his buds to see where he is.

Special summer dates

Date nights are a great way for you and your BF to see each other over the summer. Go swimming at a local lake or beach, invite him over for a movie marathon, or grab an ice cream (OR make your own!). 

Even if you live a few towns apart try to see each other at least twice a week. Hanging with each other in person really reinforces your relationship. And hello!? It also reminds him how gorgeous, smart and all-around awesome you are.

PART II: Send Him Li'l Reminders

Old-School Love Letters

So the phone or computer might get a little monotonous. Why not try Relationship Stationary?! Here's what you do: make about 20 cards, 5" by 7" in size. Each of you picks a symbol: One goes on the top of each card, now turn it around, and the other goes on the bottom of each card. Whenever YOU write a note to your Summer BF, your symbol will be at the top. Whenever HE writes a note to you, his symbol will be at the top. Either way, you'll see BOTH symbols on each note, as a sign of your togetherness! So cute ! Send them to each other in the mail for something a li'l more fun than phone tag fun. This way you can break 'em out whenever you miss each other.

Going away on vacay or to camp for a few weeks? Send him a fun postcard so you can show and write him about all the cool stuff you've been up to. 

Picture this 

If you have any pics of you and your dude around, make an adorable collage of all the fun stuff you did all school year. You can also include any old movie tix, maybe some notes he passed you in school or a program from his school band concert.

Don't have any pics yet? Summer is the perf time to start snappin' away. Start taking photos of just the two of you - some funny (wearing balloon animal hats at a carnival) - some serious - (holding hands on the beach at sunset).
Blog it out, do you stay in touch with your BF during summer vacay?


by Katie Peterson | 2/1/2016
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