Two Guys, Two Probs!

O.K. now I have 2 probs:

1. So there's this guy and I LOVE him and he flirts with me all the time! We have little fights in class, throwing stuff at each other. We both smile and laugh the whole time. But he's more popular than me and it just seems too good to be true. What do I do? And please don’t tell me to ask him out.

2. Well there's this guy I have a HUGER crush on and one time a girl who is really rude but thinks she's my friend (we’ll call her Sara) said she asked him if he liked me. He smiled and blushed saying that I was a really nice girl. Later we both said we would go out with each other. Then he said stuff like he’d go to my vball game and that kinda thing.

He started talking to me on IM and being really nice but then he started denying all signs of liking me and all the stuff he said! Aara says he DID acually say all that. And then he said no but now is still nice to me but blocks me. I heard that he blocked me 'cause he liked me and my BFF kept trying to get us together. He said I should get off his life! I’m too confused. Idk what to do! Please help me!


Dear Live-Laugh-Love,

Sounds like your biggest problem here is which boy to choose?! Most girls would say you’re lucky, LOL ;) First of all, NEVER think that if a boy likes you, it’s “too good to be true.” With all the flirting and laughing, he’s obviously into you. Don’t put yourself down. He’s the lucky one if he has a GL girl crushing on him. If one of the popular boys is looking your way, bat your eyelashes right back at him, babe! There’s no need to make the first move here. As long as you respond to his efforts, he’ll get the idea.

About Boy #2, in my opinion, you should never rely on others for the right information. As one person tells a story to another, it slightly changes each time, so you could be missing totally important details just by hearing things the he-said-she-said way! If you really want to know what’s up, you need to head straight to the source. Either this guy has absolutely no idea what he wants, or your friends are giving out the wrong info. If you two were really going out, you should be able to talk to each other, so ask him, what’s his deal? If it's not the answer you’re looking for, then the relationship is over, and you won’t be wasting anymore time with someone who doesn’t realize what a great GF you make!


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6/29/2009 7:00:00 AM
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