Make Your Crush YOURS This Summer!

So we've covered how to keep your BF interested all summer long, but what if getting the boyfriend is your whole point?! What if you're still workin' on making your crush notice you?

This whole "school's out for the summer" thing can really get in the way of you and your crush starting things off – even summer beach flings can be hard to pin down.

Have no fear GL crushers and flingers, we've got some tips to reel in that summer hottie - no school days required!

GL Summer Crusher #1: You don't really see your crush in the summer

Not to sweat (even though it's a million degrees outside) – you've just got to figure out ways to get him to notice your gorgeous self. It's easy to figure out where he's going to be and when, but you've got to do your research (without being a huge stalker, of course)! Chat with his friends or yours to find out his summer plans – is he at the beach? Pool? Skate park? Movies? His summer job? Striking up a conversation with him at any of these locations is a great way for him to get to know you.

Showing up more than once is necessary - he has to recognize you and that you're around him a lot, so he never forgets how awesome you are!  Plus, the more great convo s you have, the more you'll stand out as the highlight of his day. Talk to him about his summer so far or about his future summer plans (hoping he says you'll be a part of them!). You'll have his digits locked into your phone in no time!

GL Summer Crusher #2: You've talked to your crush a few times in school, but know he'll be around this summer

Start with the research, just like GL Summer Crusher #1. You've got to see your summer crush to strike up some great convos, right?! Don't be afraid to talk to him as often as you see him (without being too overbearing). Especially if you haven't seen him since school, you guys still have a lot of "getting to know each other" to do. You don't have to only talk about summer plans – ask him great questions about his family, friends, likes, and dislikes. And let him know yours! He's got to get to know you, too.

And the boldest question? If you're not ready for a one-on-one date, ask him on a group date! Gather some friends together at the movies, beach, or pool for some fun times all together. Group dates are a great way to let your crush know you're interested without too much one-on-one pressure.

GL Summer Crusher #3: You see your crush a lot over the summer, and want to make him your BF

Seeing your crush a lot already is half the battle! Next step? Take your flirting to the next level! Like GL Summer Crusher #2, a group date might be a great start. But you and your (hopefully) future BF need some one-on-one time before either of you make any commitment.

Play it cool: gradually ask him on some one-on-one dates for dinner or dessert, over for a movie-watching marathon (bonus: LOTS of time for hand holding!), or to hang out with you by a pool. Any of these will give you plenty of time together without distractions from other people-and let him know that now you're really serious!

If he seems interested? Don't be afraid to initiate the DTR (define the relationship talk!). You'll have a summer sweetheart in no time!

Got any more advice? Tell us how you're making your summer crush YOURS! Blog it out, babes.


by Katie Peterson | 2/1/2016
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