Show off your Instas in the prettiest way


Thanks to DIY photobooths, Insta and mini Polaroid cameras (shake it!), we have a zillion snaps scattered around our space. But what to do with all those one-off shots? Create a custom gallery for your room. Here's how to wrangle your collection of pics, and display them in cute, new ways. 

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    Give your room a cozy touch by using your Christmas lights and a few mini clothespins (you can get them at a craft store) to create a garland. It will look dreamy at night.

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    We totally heart this next design. It would be perfect for over your bed or big, blank space on your wall. We recommend using double sided tape so you don’t damage your walls. A great DIY video so you can see exactly how it is done is HERE.

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    Keep all your friends close! To create this cute set up, you just need an empty wooden picture frame, clothespins, twine and push pins. Put the pins on opposite sides of the fame parallel to each other. Make more rows depending on how big the frame is. Tie the twine tightly around the pins and connect the two sides. Add the clothespins and photos and...voila.

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    Turn an old dictionary into photo album, organized by your own secret system. Sure, you could alphabetize your pics based on your friends' names, but you could also arrange 'em by inside jokes, nicknames and locations.

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by Maddie Howard | 2/1/2016