This mini emergency kit will get you through any crisis

The mini emergency kits made by Pinch have become super popular lately. And what's not to love? Everything you could possibly need in a crisis is right there in the palm of your hand. These handy little kits are sold for up to $35 but we'll let you in on a little secret: you can make your own *super* easily and for way less dough. The essentials don’t take up a lot of room, either. Throw all these tiny lifesavers in any small zippered pouch, cosmetic bag or another bag you have lying around and you’ll be ready for any she-mergency.

Advil. Always an essential. Buy them in individually wrapped packets in case of a sudden headache.

Hair elastics. They take up very little space and also serve as rubber bands if need be.

Emery board. Break a nail? Don’t sweat it. Either look for miniature versions of an emery board or just cut one in half.

Earring backs. They’re too small to not just throw in there, and you never know when you’ll be at risk of losing one of your favorite earrings.

Stain remover. Individually wrapped stain remover wipes like these are the best, but stain sticks are a also a good alternative.

Breath freshening drops. A small tin of breath mints works too, but these drops are super compact and will save you from that ugly post-onion-bagel-breath.

Dental floss. There’s nothing worse than being out in public and having something stuck in your teeth. Throw in a couple threads of dental floss (or flossing picks) to make sure your pearly whites are always in the clear.

Lip balm. Whether you’re chapped in the winter or you’re gearing up for an unexpected kiss, you’ll want some lip balm handy. Chapstick from any drugstore will do the trick.

Safety pin. You never know when one of these bad boys will come in handy. They barely take up space, so why not?

Tampon. Go with the ones that have the extendable applicator and you’ll get the same thing for half the size. Always always always make sure you have some backup coverage!

Bandaids.They're lightweight and hardly take up any space at all. Bandaids are a must.

Deodorant towelettes. We’ve all had a little unexpected sweat on a hot summer day. Deodorant wipes like these are a great backup plan if you need a quick freshen up.

Folding hairbrushThis hairbrush will save you from a bad hair day every time and this one even comes with a built in mirror. Two in one!

And don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Throw in anything else you might need like clear nail polish, double sided tape, nail polish remover wipes, bobby pins, hand lotion, sunscreen–the list could go on and on. You never know! Then just toss your kit in any bag, purse or backpack and know you’ll always be ready in the event of any minor emergency.

What would you add to your emergency kit that we didn't? Share in the comments below.

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by Alexis Ancel | 7/12/2016