11 DIY gifts that Dad will love this Father's Day

We all know that when it comes to Mom and Dad, nothing warms their heart more than a meaningful homemade gift. So if you're scrambling to get Dad a gift this Father’s Day, look no furtherwe have 11 unique DIY gifts that your pops is *sure* to love.

Pack a picnic basket.
There is nothing Dad enjoys more than food (and spending time with you, of course) so grab a blanket and fill up a basket with his favorite meal and head to the park.

Re-vamp the cookie jar.
Decorate a cute glass jar with bright colors and sweet sayings, then fill it up with his favorite cookies or snacks. He’ll appreciate it every time he’s hankering for some treats.

Make your cooler… well, cool.
Dazzle Dad with your skillful artwork by gussying up a cooler. Paint the cooler, print his name and fill it with his favorite drinks. He will be the *coolest* guy at the next cookout.

Serve up a cold sip on cute coasters.
Buy some thin cork board, cut it into different shapes and paint it with everything that reminds you of Dad. He’ll totally appreciate the work you put into it as well as the fact that you'll never make rings on the table again.

Hit the kitchen.
They say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach and that applies to your dad, as well. Bake cookies or cupcakes (better yet, make pizza cupcakes) and cover them in Dad-themed decorations.

Tell him how much he means to you.
Make an “I love you because…” booklet. The first page will say, “I love you because…” and all the other pages will have reasons you love him. Make each reason personal and add your own illustrations. You might even bring him to tears!

Give him the recognition he deserves.
Think your dad is the best? Let him know by making him an award that says so. Craft a huge award out of posterboard, cardboard or whatever material you have and personalize it with all of his classic sayings.

Have him looking fashion forward at the grill.
Is your dad a master in the kitchen or a rockstar at the grill? Have him think of you every time he cooks up something yummy by giving him the perfect personalized apron. You can add sweet designs by carving potatoes into stamps to make crazy shapes.

Suit up a pencil holder.
If your dad is stuck at the office most days, give him something useful for his desk like a pencil holder. Soup up an old soup can with some fabric, felt and buttons to mimic a suit and tie. What could be cuter than that?

Frame your love.
Show off your artistic abilities by adding a bit of personal flare to a wooden picture frame. Use Sharpies, paint, stickers, buttons or glitter to cover your frame and pop in your fave pic of you and Dad. There's nothing like a picture of the two of you that will make him smile.

Create a not-so boring board game themed keychain.
Is your dad a total wordsmith? Make him a D-A-D keychain with Scrabble tiles this Father’s Day. Quick, easy and totally cool.

What are you getting your dad for Father's Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Erin Farrugia | 6/8/2017
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