Freshen up your space with these DIYs from The Sorry Girls

New year, new you, new amazing DIYs ahead!

Our fave DIY duo on YouTube, The Sorry Girls, are here to take your space from ho-hum to super Insta-worthy. Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid, Canadian BFFs, make all their trendiest room decor, clothes and even furniture by hand! Yes, they *are* the craftiest girls ever, and we heart them.  

This super lit Monstera Leaf Neon Sign will look so unique in your room. Go here for the leaf template you’ll need to create your masterpiece. Your room will be glowed-up in no time!

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, and these V-Day keychains are the homemade and heartfelt gifts you need for your baes—and they take just a few mins to make! GO here to grab your keychain and envelope templates.

Have you been wondering what to do with childhood toys you don’t use anymore? Or do you want to give your room a quirky vibe? Dino planters are the answer! You can make your succulents or cacti look extra cute by putting them in old toys. Check out this tutorial for this fun thrift-flip.

What's your latest DIY obsession? Do you have a fave DIY YouTuber? Sound off below!

by Kira Barrett | 1/11/2018
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